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Five-month-old grizzly bear Bam Bam and 16-month-old chimpanzee Vali are the most unlikely friends. For while together they resemble a pair of cuddly toys, they would normally live on different continents. And when they grow up, Bam Bam is likely to be about nine times the size of his chimp pal. But the young males have been inseparable since being introduced at the Myrtle Beach Safari park in South Carolina, where they were born. In the wild, Bam Bam would live in the wilds of North America, while Vali’s natural home is the jungle of central Africa. Whether the two stay friends when they grow up will only be determined by time.

Photos: Barry Bland [Article Source]

😭 so cute!

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Let’s get minimal, minimal, I want to get minimal. 

Rap name literal icons. Scroll slow and see if you can tell who the rappers are before you see their names. 

See the whole list here. 

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Zoom Everyday :)

Everyday :)

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when someone keeps trying to take a pic of u when u already said no


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This fucking woman

You all know this is gonna be us as grandparents

Nah cus she’s effortlessly dope

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Ten pictures that will make you love advertising

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missy forever

4 EVA!

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But…as bad as it was, I learned something about myself. That I could go through something like that and survive.

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Life gives us struggles so we can conquer them and come out stronger

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